Posted on June 11th, 2007 by kushal

Do you know what’s great about blogging?
Neither do I. But apparently its essential to get some blogging street cred these days. So I pretty much had to start one. Plus I figured its better to talk about C#, Java, Web technologies etc. online rather than bore people with in real life (I’m beginning to suspect it doesn’t always make for interesting conversation)

Oh, and my name Kushal and I make a living writing software. (In Dublin, Ireland)

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  1. Ken Hayward Says:

    Very neat site Kushal, enjoyed your style. I have been thinking about a blog on the much maligned but highly capable VB.Net , with VS 2010 and .Net 4.0 they come very close. Still trying to wrap my head around covariance and contravariance.


  2. kushal Says:

    That would be very neat – you’ll certainly have at least one subscriber. I must make a blog post sometime soon. It has been years!

  3. Iain Dooley Says:

    Hi Kushal, I’m referencing your awesome XPath double/single quote escaping solution on my blog, just thought I’d post to say keep it up!

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